You want your walls to handle the heat and cold

Imperial Concrete Bricks

Did you know that all masonry materials expand and contract due to changes in moisture and temperature?

Concrete is more porous than clay.  Cement bricks have the capacity to expand and contract approximately 3-6mm per 10m of walling.

In South Africa our temepratures varies with about 20˚C during the winter and summer seasons. 

We experience extreme heat and cold.  In Cape Town, the extreme temperatures, winter rain and frost cause condensation that results in damage to interior walls. 

Hollow Maxi Concrete Bricks

The Cape Cement standard cement bricks are available as Imperial Bricks and the Hollow Maxi.

The hollow cement bricks can be filled with the cement during construction to add strength.

The Maxi Hollow is larger than the Imperial / This will speed up the building process.