Your Driveway needs to carry a heavy load

When choosing the correct paving for a driveway that needs to carry a heavy load, you need to consider using the 80mm Interlocking Concrete Pavers.

Interlocking paver blocks transfer weight and heavy loads laterally. thus distributing the load over a bigger area.

This reduces the stress on the driveway surface, allowing heavier loads and traffic to be handled without damage to the driveway.

Other sub-bases would require heavily reinforced concrete, making Interlocking Concrete Pavers a cost-effective option for commercial applications.

Extract from Concrete Pavers Guide

“The first reason that concrete pavers – and any paver that interlocks – has to do with the material that they are constructed from. Concrete pavers are rated multiple times stronger than poured concrete. This is due in part to the way the pavers are formed, but it’s also due to the ‘interlocking nature’ of the material.

The Secret: The Interlocking ActionInterlocking pavers remain durable and new looking even after years of abuse and weather precisely due to the ‘interlocking action’ of the paving stones. Interlocking concrete pavers are designed specifically to leave gaps in between each brick – in other words, they do not sit exactly flush to each other. It is this space, paradoxically, that gives the entire structure its strength as soon as these joints are filled with an appropriate joint material, such as sand. The pavers are laid in a particular pattern (the pattern really is just how the joints are arranged), leaving a bit of space in between each and every paver.